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We are thankful for your support of local flowers! Please read the following information if you are interested in purchasing from us.

How it Works:

- Pickup days and times are generally flexible, but we require at least a day's notice so that we can properly condition your flowers post-harvest

- All flowers must be picked up at our flower stand. We may be able to deliver to you, but this will incur a minimum delivery fee of $30.

- Buckets are not included in the price of wholesale flowers. Please bring your own buckets to pick up.

- Payment is due when we confirm your order. We are not responsible for flowers that are not picked up at the date and time you specify. 

How to Order:

Please reach out via our website or social media channels and provide the following information:

- Date and time you are requesting to pick up 

- Your flower order, with colors (if applicable) and number of bunches

We will confirm our availability for the number of bunches you need and send you an invoice once we receive your order. Payment is due at the time we confirm your order.

Current Availability

Last updated: June 17

Please check back soon for flowers!

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