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It began with an idea

Flower Child Maysville started in the fall of 2020 with an article in a magazine. I (Gillian) read an article about one of the larger flower farms in the U.S. and decided that since we had a tractor and some land, we should start a flower farm. So I texted my mom (LeAnn) and she said, “Sure.” This should tell you all you need to know about us. We’re dreamers and doers and lovers of our community. 

We’re growing flowers on a small plot of land that’s been cultivated for years—long before we came along. Mr. Gillespie (the previous owner of the house behind our flower stand) ran a truck farm out of his house for years, growing vegetables on the land we’re farming today. He would drive his lawn mower over to our house and drop off watermelons and whatever else he had growing. We’re proud to carry on his legacy, and the legacy of our family of farmers.

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I love to grow flowers because my Granny did, and her garden was a magical place to me. I feel like in some way a little of her gentle spirit is in every flower I grow. And flowers are just magic – it’s so fun to see that little brown seed turn into something made of bright, sunny velvet or deep, red silk, or any of the other combinations God created from a little brown seed. I love Maysville because it’s home. It’s been home for 61 years. Although I roamed a bit, I could not feel peaceful living in any of those places. Home is a strong magnet.

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My favorite flower memory is the double row of zinnias my grandfather planted along our shared driveway every summer while I was growing up. I loved to chase butterflies in the flowers and put them into the homemade butterfly catchers my mom made for me, or in one of the many bug hotels I had over the years. I love what we do now, but it’s not really about the flowers for me. I love them—but my motivation is bigger than a bouquet. It’s about stewardship, and doing what we can with what we have to bring joy and community into the lives of our customers. Thank you for being a part of this community with us!

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